Monday, December 10, 2012

Goodbye 2012

This year has been horrific, and I cannot wait to wave goodbye to it in a few weeks.

2012 was dotted with animal losses, creating a topographical map of sorrow. I lost two schoolmasters to age and pasture injuries, lambs to illness, heat, and parasites, and my ancient inherited Siamese cat to ancient-ness. It sucked. Horribly and absolutely, and I have not been in the mood to write or think or do much of anything, other than try and cope with being ill.

The only recent good news was my five day trial of Rocephin.

Rocephin is interesting. It was like Russian roulette, with the options being an amazingly wonderful energy filled day or something out of a horror movie, complete with me having to scream and cry simultaneously from the pain of stomach cramps. Note: having two fabulously wonderful days made the painful days worth it.

I have also had three migraines while on my course of Rocephin. As I have a lot of neurological complaints, I think it makes sense to connect the dying of Lyme bugs in my head with the mind monsters. I almost typed "headache" instead of migraine, but that is just so wrong on so many levels!

With the new year I will have more access to the Internet...and thus more writing. In the meantime, I am counting the days.

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